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Introducing New Model Adviser – powered by CoreData

Simon Hoyle

Welcome to New Model Adviser – a new website powered by CoreData Research and showcasing the research and insights produced by CoreData on myriad aspects of financial advice – the profession, advisers, advice practices, licensees and legislation, to name a few.

Some of these insights find their way into research reports, whether bespoke for CoreData clients or as syndicated work available to anyone who’s interested. Some of the insights find their way into content published on CoreData’s own website and in other publications.

But until now, there hasn’t been anywhere to showcase this work, and to provide it to the broad financial advice community in a single, centralised location. That changes with the launch of New Model Adviser, a website where you’ll find articles covering the work CoreData is doing, highlights of industry event presentations, and links to exciting sources of information and data.

All of these things will be interspersed with interviews with leading figures in the financial planning profession, designed to provide context and a different perspective on issues covered in our research. (And you’ll find the occasional piece of offbeat content produced by senior CoreData figures, as the mood dictates and time permits.)

New Model Adviser is powered by CoreData Research and edited by Simon Hoyle, CoreData’s head of market insight. Hoyle is a former editor of the leading financial advice specialist publication Professional Planner, and has more than 30 years’ experience as a finance journalist including 11 years on the Australian Financial Review, stints at the Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian, and five years on Money Management from that publication’s inception in 1986.

New Model Adviser is not a website designed to generate clickbait and to jam your inbox with “news”; instead, it is a website that provides value-added insights into the changing state of your profession, and guidance on how your colleagues and peers are themselves responding to the challenges those changes present.

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