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What advisers really think of their licensee

It doesn’t really matter where you work, or how much you love your job, sometimes it’s tempting to think about what it might be like to work somewhere else. The grass may appear greener, but often we get our ideas of what other workplaces are like by talking to people who already work there.

Unless you’re the kind of person other people try to avoid at parties, when someone asks you how work’s going you’ll answer that it’s going just fine. No one wants to admit that it is stressful, that things don’t work and that one of our co-workers in particular is an idiot, the business lacks direction and clients are angry. And no one really wants you to tell them those things either – when they ask, they’re just being polite.

But it’s different when someone can answer questions anonymously, and without potential social embarrassment.

CoreData asked advisers earlier this year what it’s like being authorised by their current licensee. On a range of different criteria, ranging from support on acquisitions and succession to product independence and choice, they painted a picture of the things they think their licensee does well, and the things they think their licensee really could improve upon. This forms the basis of CoreData’s annual Licensee Research.

And then we asked them a different question: what would another licensee have to do – and do really well – to make you think about switching? You can see the results in Table 1.

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