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A note about posting comments on New Model Adviser

Readers of New Model Adviser may wish to post comments about articles, and to ensure your comment is considered for publication please read the following guidelines before posting.

1. Stick to the issue

NMA does not tolerate and will not publish comments that attack an individual either directly or by implication, and it makes no difference who that individual is. Say what you like about the issue at hand but leave the personal attacks out of it – for your own protection as much as anything.

2. Post under your real name

Authors publish articles under their real names and anyone wishing to comment on an article should also use their real name. If you’re not prepared to have a comment attributed to you, consider whether you should be making it in the first place. If you wish to provide sensitive or confidential information to New Model Adviser please do so by email: [email protected]

New Model Adviser welcomes debate and discussion about issues affecting financial advisers and financial advice and welcomes commentary on the research we publish. But we will only facilitate discussion and debate in a manner befitting a profession.

New Model Adviser reserves the right to publish or not publish any comment at its sole discretion, to edit comments to adhere to the guidelines set out above, and to amend these guidelines at any time.

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